For the past five years, the Outburst! Young Muslim Women’s Project has been a vital program of the Clinic’s counselling department and a vital resource for young Muslim women in Toronto who have experienced violence and its aftermath.  Evident in the volumes of poetry produced in the Homebound series, the successful workshops, and other diverse community-driven activities, Outburst’s success resides in the determination of young Muslim women to break silence and build community through art, education, and research.

The Clinic, in consultation with community partners, has decided to restructure and move away from a limited leadership structure to a broader stakeholder and community engagement model in partnerships with agencies serving underserved youth.

We are confident that this new direction will lend itself to exciting opportunities for a young Muslim women’s caucus to create a broader program base for young underserved women and girls. The Clinic remains committed to its services for racialized and young Muslim women through this time of transition and restructuring.

If you need assistance during this transitional phase, please either call our central intake at 416-323-9149 ext 234 or fill out our intake form.

Further updates will follow as we enter into this new and exciting phase of the program.