#SistersEntrance Twitter Conversation June 5 @ 2 P.M. EST


Image source: http://sideentrance.tumblr.com/post/86043704750/women-and-men-pray-in-the-same-hall-at-bait-ul-ilm

About #SistersEntrance: 

The masjid/mosque can be an important space of healing and community for young Muslim women. However, as young Muslim women, our presence and participation is often limited in the mosque and amongst decision making bodies (i.e. via partitions/barriers, representation on boards, etc.) As a result, the masjid/mosque becomes a space where our gendered roles play out and at times, the masjid may become yet another source of emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological trauma.

#SistersEntrance is an opportunity to open up the conversation around barriers that we experience as young Muslim women at the masjid and create dialogue to reclaim the masjid space as a space of healing and building community and sisterhood. This conversation is not about naming mosques and individuals associated with mosques but about coming up with creative community solutions and celebrating our successes in the masjid/mosque.

Join us on Twitter on Thursday June 5 at 2 P.M. EST for an important conversation on the #SistersEntrance!