Outburst! Crush: Hawa Abdullah, Poet & Performer

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A performer at this year’s “Volume: Sisters Make Noise”, Hawa Abdullah has sustained a passion for poetry from a young age. She is a Tanzanian Canadian, with a background in philosophy and anthropology. Hawa believes in the transformative power of art and in the potential for poetry to connect to the hearts and minds of others. She currently shares her words with community through writing and performance. Hawa is also one of the poets featured in our second poetry book: Homebound II/Storytellers I: Muslim Women’s Poetry Collection; and she exhibited at (mus)interpreted Muslim women art gallery show at the Daniels Spectrum!

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(Mus)interpreted Month Long Exhibit of Muslimah Art in Toronto at ArtScape Daniel Spectrum April 1st – May 1st

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Join us in celebrating Muslim Women Artists from across Toronto

(mus)interpreted, is a group exhibition that showcases the work of emerging and established young Muslim women artists. Using painting, photography and installation art, we express our lived realities. As Muslimah artists we recognize that we belong deeply to ourselves and not the constructions created by the media, governments or our communities. Together we explore and interrogate the notions and spaces in which Muslimah’s are defined and redefined. Rooted in Regent Park, the show takes up physical space in a neighborhood where Muslimahs have created art for decades. (mus)interpreted is a collective visioning of our individual and communal herstories shared and negotiated through our artistic work.

(mus)interpreted will run from April 1st until May 1st at the Regent Park Daniel’s Spectrum.

Opening reception: is on April 1st with a reception at the Artspace lounge from 6 to 8pm. The evening will feature artist talks and yummy food provided by the Afghan Women’s Catering Group.

Closing reception: held on May 1st in the Artspace lounge as well as the 2nd floor from 6 to 8pm featuring artist talks, spoken word and musical performances as well as a final tour of the exhibit. This will be held in the Artspace lounge, 2nd floor as well as the Paintbox. Refreshments will be provided.

Start and End Date of the Show: April 1st until May 1st 2014

Our Artists: 

  • Jaudat Adnan
  • Zahra Agjee
  • Hamdi Ali
  • Jumana Chowdhury
  • Rabab al-Kishmeri
  • Ala al-Thibeh
  • Naqa al-Thibeh
  • Leila Fatemi
  • Huda Hassan
  • Fathima Husna
  • Hira Kazmi
  • Rola Kuidir
  • Maha Munaf
  • Kashfia Rahman
  • Mehwish Siddiqui
  • Fatima Wahid
  • Ammara Wasim
  • The Creative Girls Crew
  • The Truth & Dare Photography Project

This show is collaboration between Outburst! Young Muslim Women’s Project, the Truth & Dare Project and SpeakSudan in partnership with Artscape at the Daniel’s Spectrum.

Funding for (mus)interpreted is graciously provided by ArtReach Toronto & Tides Canada Youth Pitch Contest, Canadian Women’s Foundation and Trillium Foundation.

Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project is a movement of young Muslim women in Toronto who are breaking silence and speaking out about violence through art, research and education. We are a program of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.

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SpeakSudan is a collective of east African individuals that promotes creative expression of the experiences of East African youth and allies in the Diaspora.
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Truth and Dare Project is a series of photography based art-making workshops and art dares for young Muslim women.
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Join the Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project as a Volunteer. Come to Our Open House & Volunteer Orientation March 19th

Passionate about creating positive change in your community? Want to meet other rad Muslim women while building your skills at a community based agency? Volunteer with the Outburst Team ♥

We will be holding a open house for young Muslim women interested in volunteering with the Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project. Join us to learn about the various opportunities with Outburst! and ways you can connect to the program. Check out the Facebook event here

About us: Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project is a movement of young Muslim women in Toronto who are breaking silence and speaking out about violence through art, research and education. We are a program of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic.

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Outburst at Manifesto Intimate Conversation with Yuna

Outburst is extremely grateful to Manifesto for creating a space for us at their intimate conversation with Yuna in Toronto . Yuna (Yunalis Mat Zara’ai) is a Malaysian singer, songwriter and business woman.

We love her song “Rescue” as anthem for Muslimahs. It is a reminder that we take care of ourselves, we do not need to be rescued.


Outburst were blown away by her humility, grace and humor when speaking about her life as a artist.  What was most important for us to hear was how she maintained her integrity as a Muslimah artist when faced with trying to make it as a musician.  She was inspirational and we are definitely fangirls.

Thank you Manifesto & of course YUNA!!!

outburst at Yuna yuna singing

Photos courtesy of Renata Mohamed