Outburst Mission & Vision

Outburst! is a movement of young Muslim women and girls in Toronto who are building a better world together. We are a program of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. Outburst! is an opportunity for us to build community and conspire about ways in which we, as Muslim young women and girls, define and access safety.

 Outburst! Values

  • Young Muslim women’s leadership & expertise in addressing violence in our lives
  • Community education – we are constantly learning from each other & our community
  • Self-care & community care in all our interactions
  • Our voices, our rebellion & push back against oppressive authorities
  • Children, elders & each other

We want to live in a world where

  • There is no violence both within our community & against our community
  • We lift each other up & watch each other fly
  • We define safety & how we heal
  • We love ourselves
  • Our resistance to & resiliency in the face of violence is celebrated

Outburst! believes in

  • Justice – social, reproductive, environmental that is transformative
  • Choice – we respect the diversity of Muslims
  • Storytelling – we know that we are the authors of our own stories
  • Compassion – we believe in calling in versus calling out