What Outburst! Means to Me


There is something powerful about the community that has been built by Outburst. I have been fortunate to be apart of this group the past year and honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every single meeting/event I was surrounded by amazing women who inspired me and pushed me to be a better person. I was fortunate enough to be one of the curators for the first young muslimah art exhibit at Daniel Spectrum called (Mus)interpreted. I had never curated a galley prior to the exhibit but I was given the chance to learn and execute a great event that positively affected the community of Regent Park. The exhibit was open for a month showcasing the great talent within the muslimah community. For several artists this was their first time exhibiting their art. I wouldn’t have had that opportunity without the great people at Outburst.

Outburst is one of my favourite projects in the city it allows for women all over the GTA access free programming and leadership opportunities. The project has affected my life and continues to change the lives of all the women it touches.

We have less than 48 hours to make a positive impact in the community. DONATE to Outburst! Young Muslim Project. This will allow for the project to continue accessible programming for young women in the Greater Toronto Region.

Written by: Nasma Ahmed

Why Can’t We All Outburst?

Guest post by Shireen Ahmed – http://footybedsheets.tumblr.com/

The word Outburst is a noun and has the following definitions:

i) a sudden release of strong emotion ; ii) a sudden outbreak of a particular activity ; iii) a volcanic eruption

For me, it signifies something much more personal, important and a project that I consider a blessing to be associated with and a necessity.

My own definition is as follows:

Outburst: A movement by a group of amazing women, who identify as Muslim, coordinated by a team of 8 Muslim women, out of the Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic. Outburst! fosters love and friendship, encouragement and sisterhood and provides a safe space for women to seek counseling and innumerable supports. Outburst provides opportunities for women to showcase their visual art, poetry, dance, voices and express themselves artistically with solidarity and guidance.

I am so incredibly proud to be a member of the Outburst Advisory Team. I am continuously inspired, awed by all the women involved at Outburst. I have rarely seen or been in spaces for Muslim women that are as accepting and accommodating.

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As our wonderful circle grows and grows, it is important to understand that Outburst projects and programs are all free and in accessible spaces. They provide art based groups, workshops and training, crisis and individual counselling and best practice and research projects.

They employ young Muslim women whenever possible and use the expertise in the form of mentors and advisors from the community.

Outburst works hard to maintain community relationships with other organizations and is very well respected.  They exchange ideas and work with other agencies to combat Violence Against Women, run seminars on Forced Marriage and provide much-needed expertise on issues relating to Young Muslim women in Canada.

I have had the privilege of participating in a few of their projects, travelling to a conference where they presented and am constantly learning and more impressed after each encounter.

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Their pioneering work is phenomenal.

Outburst! Young Muslim Women’s Project is a movement by virtue of its mandate and its very existence empowers..

And for Outburst! to continue, they need your support.

Please continue to donating to, participating and supporting Outburst.

Let’s keep Toronto as one of the most vibrant, inclusive and phenomenal communities of Muslim women in Canada.

We all need Outburst.



Shireen Ahmed is a writer and advocate focusing on Muslim women in Sports. She is an athlete, community organizer, and works with Youth of Colour on empowerment projects and is an avid sports coach and mentor. She lives in the Greater Toronto Area.

Outburst! Twitter Campaign – A Month of Discussion & Reflection

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During the month of June, the team at Outburst! launched it’s first twitter campaign on issues that affect Muslim women in the city of Toronto. 5 twitter conversations were conducted, each around 5 community based research projects that each of our team members are currently pursuing. We thought it would be a unique way to discuss the issues and get an understanding of what others are thinking on each of our projects. What emerged were vibrant and necessary conversations from our community on the #SistersEntrance; #MuslimMenAreTold; #MuslimahInSports; #MosqueDiversity; #DeafMuslimahs; & #QueerMuslimahs. Below are some highlights from a few of these conversations:


deaf muslimahs twitter image

mosque diversity twitter image


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The Outburst! Twitter conversations are a small slice of our larger community based research project “We Speak for Ourselves”. Research projects that are led by and centre the voices of young Muslim women. “We Speak for Ourselves” will be launched at a research symposium in the spring of 2015 and funds raised by the Outburst! online campaign will be critical in making this happen. The research symposium will be composed of a panel featuring the voices of young Muslim women as they present to their communities on the issues that affect their lives. Rarely do we come across research that honours our voices as central and necessary and your contribution will allow for this to happen.

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Outburst! Crush: Shireen Ahmed, Writer, Blogger & Storyteller

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Shireen Ahmed is a writer and advocate focusing on Muslim women in Sports. She is an athlete, community organizer, and works with Youth of Colour on empowerment projects and is an avid sports coach and mentor. She lives in the Greater Toronto Area. You can catch her on Twitter @_shireenahmed_ and Tumblr footybedsheets.tumblr.com 

#SupportOutburst this Ramadan by donating to: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/outburst-young-muslim-women-s-project-ramadan-campaign to allow us to continue to offer programming like our FREE poetry & mixed media workshops and creating opportunities for young Muslim women to create and share with their communities.