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During our last session we learned the gel transfer technique where we were able to take our printed photos and turn them into canvas art. This session we will be playing with heat transfers on cotton based surfaces. If this is something that interests you sign up now!

The workshops are open to anyone (16-29) who self-identifies as a Muslim woman through the spectrum of familial, spiritual, political, cultural, and ancestral connections.

There is very limited space so please sign up by emailing by March 9th ūüôā

In recognizing and celebrating International Women’s Day…

1. Think about the amazing and inspirational women in your life and the resilience and strength that they have shown. Choose a photo to honour them in a piece (this person may also be you!).

2. Choose a quote or lyric comes to mind when you think about her/them

3.Send us high quality digital images (your own or sourced) that you would like to include in your piece. These do not have to include the person. Email this to by February 8th 11:59pm (try or for free images)


Bring newspaper or magazine images that you’d like to include in your piece to the workshop on the 13th

4. Collect found objects to incorporate into your piece and bring them with you on February 13th This could be related to your piece or just used to create texture

5. Think about what colours you would like to work with

*art supplies and light refreshments provided but feel free to bring your own if you are more comfortable*

**we will have quotes and images to choose from if you would like to join us but don’t have a moment to choose your own


This workshop is hosted by The Truth & Dare Project and Outburst! | Funding for this workshop is graciously provided by ArtReach Toronto, and the Toronto Arts Council | Facilitated by Zahra Agjee

The Truth & Dare Project is a series of photography based art-making workshops and art dares for young Muslim women.

Outburst! Young Muslim Women Project is a movement of young Muslim women in Toronto who are breaking silence and speaking out about violence through art, research and education. It is a program of the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic (the Clinic). The Clinic offers legal representation, professional counselling and multilingual interpretation to women who have experienced violence.

Hey FIBA LIFT the Ban on Hijab & other Religious Wear for Professional & Competitive Basketball Players

On Wednesday August 27th the International Basketball Federation will be meeting to decide if they are going to lift the ban religious wear Ariticle We urge our Outburst Fam to reach out to FIBA and let them know the impact of this ban. Below is a sample letter you can use as well as images that speak to our #right2wear.You can directly email here: also tweet  @FIBA #right2wear #lifthijabban
President of FIBA – International Basketball FederationRoute Suisse 5 – P.O Box 29
1295 Mies ‚Äď SwitzerlandDear¬†Yvan MaininiI am writing to express my appreciation that FIBA considering lifting the ban¬†Article 4.4.2 o¬†on head coverings, i.e. the hijab for basketball players.¬†¬†I believe it is offensive and discriminatory.There is nothing about the hijab, particularly in the sport-friendly version that is widely available now i.e. Resporton, that poses no more of an inherent threat to physical safety than other articles of clothing.¬†Moreover, although this rule doesn‚Äôt explicitly single out Muslims, it affects Muslim women disproportionately. ¬†For Muslim women who believe that the headscarf is a religious requirement, this rule asks them to choose between following their religion and playing basketball, which is not a choice that religious women of most other faiths have to make. ¬†FIBA needs to consider the unequal implications of its rules, and to stop policing the clothing that some Muslim players are wearing.

For many girls and women, playing sports is a way of staying healthy, building self-esteem, and being part of a strong community.  The opportunity to participate in organised sports represents more than just an occasional meet-up to play ball; for many people, it is also plays a vital role in their health and sense of self and community.

This is also about more than isolated incidents affecting only a few players.  Many exceptional aspiring basketball stars such as Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir, who have dreamed of a flourishing future as a professional basketball player, will have their dreams cut short due to the FIBA ban.

There are many examples of sports events where participants wear hijab without incident.  FIBA, another international sports organization lifted their ban and now welcome players who wear the hijab.  The 2012 Olympics featured a number women who competed wearing the hijab including Wojdan Shaherkani, Noor Hussain Al-Malki, Tahmina Kohistani, Shinoona Salah al-Habsi, Fatima Sulaiman Dahman. Daily throughout the world girls and women are wearing hijab participating in a wide range of sports including basketball, fencing, Australian football, weightlifting, and boxing.

I am tired of everyone ‚Äď sports institutions, governments, families, religious scholars, the justice system, our peers ‚Äď being obsessed with what Muslim women wear. ¬†Muslim women and girls have the right to choose how we outwardly express our faith and religion. Muslim women have the right to wear what we please.¬†FIBA needs to get out of our wardrobes and let women play.

Recipes for Ramadan

What are your favorite recipes for food during Ramadan? Things maybe your grandfather or mother or auntie taught you? Or yummy inventions that you made up yourself? 

Outburst will be collecting food recipes for Ramadan throughout June/July for our online community cookbook. We would love to have one from you. It can be a breakfast treat, snack or dinner whatever you choose.

Remember that food can be a way of connecting to community, family and self. Some of us live far from fam, might be estranged or have limited connection right now. Learning how to make food that reminds us of love and warmth of community is powerful.

You can share your recipe easily by following this LINK  or create a video to share with Outburst teaching us how to create the yummy food.

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Spring Clean Clothing Swap Saturday March 22nd

Join us to swap till you drop on March 22rd 1 Р4 at 489 College Street. Get rid of clothes, accessories, shoes and scarves and leave with (almost) new ones. The swap is a fundraiser for Outburst! Young Muslim women Project to attend the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this June.
Access Info: The event is taking place at 489 College Street, Suite 508. There is ramp inside the front door to get to the elevator. The space is wheelchair accesible.

How it works:

1. Go through your closet and find items that you no longer wear or use, but that are in good enough condition that someone else might be thrilled to find. Remember one person’s trash is another person’s fashion find.

2. Bag the clothes (laundered and folded!)

3. Drop off the bags at the Barbra Schlifer Clinic at 489 College St. Suite 503 by March 21st between 9 -5 weekdays. Ask for Shameela. You will receive a ticket for each bag.

4. When you get to the event on March 22rd bring your ticket and fill up your bag with next to new clothes!

P.S. If you do not donate clothes you can still come and swap.

P.S.S. If there is a contested item that more than one person would like we will have a rock paper scissors competition.

Tickets: $5.00 if you donated clothes and $10.00 if you did not.

What we accept: Dresses, pants, sweaters, button down shirts, hijabs, abayas, jackets, coats, salwars kameez, saris etc.

What we won’t accept: damaged, stained or dirty clothing.

***Laundering policy – As a courtesy to fellow swappers, please wash clothing items fragrance free detergent- otherwise, if folks all use a ton of bounce and febreeze, it can be hard for a lot of folks with asthma, immune disorders, chemo etc to be there**

All funds raised will be donated to the Outburst! Young Muslim Women Program field trip to the Allied Media Conference ( to build our skills on creating positive social change through the arts.

Outburst! is a movement of young Muslim women and allies addressing violence in our lives. We are a Toronto based program of the Barbra Schlifer Clinic, a violence against women agency.